10 Things to Simplify Today

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog.

Photo by Suzie T

Sometimes simplicity is found in the little things. Here are 10 ways to try out simplifying your life today, for one day:

  1. Simplify your schedule. For one day, get rid of everything you don’t have to do. It’s only one day, after all.
  2. Simplify your exercising. Instead of going to the gym, take a walk. Do some simple stretches. Take a bike ride.
  3. Simplify your clothing. Experience the freedom of fuss-free dressing. If you are bound for an office with a dress code, cut down on accessories. If you work in a casual environment, wear comfortable clothes. Ladies, leave off some jewelry and wear trousers instead of a skirt. See how freeing dressing simply can be.
  4. Simplify your beverage. If you routinely go for fancy coffee, try something simpler. If you drink soda, try water.
  5. Simplify your load. We all carry too much stuff with us. Ladies, clean out your purse, or (*gasp*) go without one. Gentlemen, clean out the wallet. Consider leaving the briefcase/backpack/tote bag at home.
  6. Simplify your food. Fancy meals are fine. But today have a simple dinner. Perhaps some pasta with jarred sauce? Steamed veggies? Make it easy on yourself.
  7. Simplify your media intake. For one day, skip the news, blog reading and surfing. If something really important happens, someone will tell you.
  8. Simplify your interactions with children. If you have kids, let them have a day off from their activities. Play a game or go for a walk to reconnect.
  9. Simplify your focus. Make a conscious effort to do one thing at a time. Focus on what you are doing, and resist the urge to multitask.
  10. Simplify your purchasing. For today, don’t shop. If you have to buy something, make sure it’s all you buy.

In the end, you will have had a more relaxing day. If you want to take it one step further, ask yourself which of these was the easiest? The most difficult? What could be done on a daily basis? Could you do a simple day once a month? Share below.

Photo by Suzie T


  1. says

    I was working my way through the Google Reader Simplicity folder this morning, and then started jumping from one thing to do to the next to the next, and then realized what I was doing and forced myself to focus on only doing one thing at time.

    Then I read this post, and saw, “Simplify Your Focus”. Point well taken – I wouldn’t have read this right now if I hadn’t taken the time to focus!

  2. Tallis says

    I’d add, simplify your view of the world – drop the assumptions, stereotypes and prejudices that clutter modern society and deal with people and issues with a fresh, open mind.

    Whilst I appreciate the ideas presented in your blog, I am offended by the sexism in your points.

    Your suggestion that ‘Ladies wear trousers instead of a skirt’ to simplify life is inappropriate. Apart from the sexist attitude that female clothing is somehow more fussy/cluttered than male clothing, it’s not even factual. Trousers are far more complicated to construct and need far more accurate fitting than skirts.

    Your ‘Ladies, clean out your purse’ is balanced by similar advice for men, but adding a melodramatic (*gasp*) to the suggestion of leaving your bag at home might have come across as mildly amusing if it wasn’t for the sexism in point 3.

    Surely ridding our lives of divisive, unfair and unnecessary mental clutter would have an equal or greater effect in making us all more productive?

    • LJ says

      I am sorry you are offended.

      As far as the charges of sexism, I find it highly amusing that is what I am accused of. I can honestly say that as a woman (see my bio), this particular charge has never been leveled at me before.

      Please note the title of the article: 10 Things To Simplify Your Life TODAY. This is not meant to be a long term solution. It is 10 things to simplify life for one day to give you a taste for what is possible.

      Wearing a skirt means also wearing appropriate foundation garments, stockings/hose, shoes that probably don’t tie to your feet, and on top of it all, being careful how you move and sit. Wearing trousers for one day instead of fussing with this is a simplification.

      As far as leaving bags at home, both men and women, in my opinion, cart far too much stuff around every day. I’ve seen my male co-workers briefcases stuffed full of magazines, articles, and all manner of things, much like I have seen in my own. And I rarely use anything in my bag; the same applies to the coworkers, male and female, that I asked. But suggest that someone leave a briefcase behind when going to work? It’s a shocking thing. Hence the *gasp*.

      I personally wear skirts often, because I am tall and it was only recently that clothing manufacturers discovered that not all women have the same leg length (hence most trousers are too short for me). It is easier to get dressed in the morning, when I am only putting on a pair of trousers rather than a skirt, slip, hose and heels. It is also easier to move around without having to worry about a skirt creeping up, twisting around, or getting caught in a car door, or worrying about twisting an ankle from moving wrong in even short heels.

      I do like your point about the mental clutter, though. And perhaps when the playing field is truly level, both men and women will be able to focus on productivity rather than overcoming the attitudes from both their own and the opposite sex.

  3. says

    Loving the simplify theme. It seems that much of productivity is about letting things go. Sounds like a good theme for a post.

  4. Megan says

    I’m a woman too and I’m wasn’t offended either. I thought it was funny and yes any woman would *gasp* if you make her leave her bag and carry nothing (including me). And I totally agree about the pants. I would like to add that pants easily goes with any kind of top and sneakers or simple shoes/sandals with no heels. And with a skirt, you have to worry about your whole ensemble–what kind of top goes with this skirt, what kind of shoes, and does this dress make me look fat? It’s too much to worry about. And yeah LJ is right, you have to worry about your every movement. And pray everytime the wind blows, your skirt won’t get blown up.
    But anyway, these are great tips and they are very timely for this stressful world. I think we all take for granted the simple things in life. We always got to have the best in everything or the newest gadget. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to have all of those but it’s also nice to take a step back, and hang out with the kids. And I find them to be great stress relievers.
    Oh and didn’t they always say that when you’re faced with a great problem, just simply take a deep breath…and everything else will focus into place.
    PS…I also recommend this site to have pretty useful tips on relieving stress. http://www.healthywealthynwise.com/article.aspx?author=Erin%20Kurt&title=5%20Steps%20to%20a%20Calmer%20Evening&Article=5874 Hope it will be useful to you guys too.

  5. says

    The thing I like about simplification is the fact that it gives us more space for the things that really matter. Often, we clutter our lives with unimportant things that we think are so important, but at the bottom of it all, it’s really just a big pile of mess.

    I think it’s also important to get in touch with our spiritual side, as our faith, after all, is the most important part of us. Faith is what makes us human. I hope this article will help someone get started on a relationship with the Lord Creating in Partnership with the Divine.