3 Maintenance Tasks I Will Be Doing This Fall

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As a homeowner, there are tasks that need to be done regularly. Most of us remember to take in the hoses and winterize the windows and doors. But there are other tasks that need to be done.

Some are more critical than others, but there are three that I am going to do without fail. Here are the three overlooked tasks that I will be doing before the cold sets in.

Drain The Hot Water Heater

Hot water heaters need to be drained regularly to extend their lives. Draining a hot water heater gets rid of the sediment that can build up at the bottom.

To drain a hot water heater, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. One step in the process will be to hook up a hose to the spigot on the heater and let the water out.

I find it best to do this while I am moving the hoses anyway. Hooking the hose up while it is in transit makes it less cumbersome of a task, and gets the water heater sludge free.


I live in an area that has mild winters. But that doesn’t mean I can ignore bare wood.

The wood around my front door has paint missing because of the summer heat. I need to prime and paint the wood so that it does not get wet and possibly (although unlikely) freeze.

Covering Furniture

Our outdoor furniture is in use for 9 months of the year. But during the cold season, our furniture still sits outside.

By cleaning and covering the furniture, I extend its life and have less work to do in the spring to get it ready to use.

There are other tasks that often get overlooked during the change of seasons. Do you have anything you do that others forget? Share below.

Photo by brianc