4 Areas To Hack Your Workspace For Better Productivity

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Whether you work in a cube farm, or in your own office, chances are you spend a lot of time there. The space where you work can have a direct effect on your productivity. Here are 4 areas you can hack to make your workspace a more productive place.

You don’t have to have your own customized office to do this, though. I will show you how to make even the cube-iest of cubes more conducive to working.


You have the overhead lights, those nasty glaring things. Unless, of course, your co-workers unscrew the bulbs, as mine did in my last job. While they might provide adequate light in some spaces, light is not evenly distributed for everyone. Poor light can lead to eye strain and fatigue, so you want to have proper lighting for what you are doing.

Adding a desk lamp or two can provide the light you need for tasks at hand. If coldness is a problem, pick halogen bulbs, as these will have the added benefit of giving off heat. If the room is too warm, LED lamps give great light without the heat. Either way, desk lamps can brighten up a space instantly, and make it easier to see your work.


If you are in a shared workspace, chances are the place is refrigerated in the summer and roasting in the winter. Just because you don’t have control of the thermostat doesn’t mean you can’t adjust the temperature in your working space. Getting comfortable can jump your productivity.

If you work right under a vent, a magnetic vent block can keep the air from pouring over you. Just getting out of a breeze can make things comfortable. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can add portable heat or cooling devices.

Most workplaces will not let you have a space heater because of fire concerns, but you can find a whole array of USB-powered heating devices from blankets to foot warmers to heated mice online. Having a sweater handy can help too. I also purchased chemical hand warmer pouches for one place where I could not get warm.

Cooling is a little easier. The are small and quiet fans on the market, some of them even USB-powered. And just as there are heated mice, there are also cooling mice.


Almost every one has experienced the sinking feeling of finding few electrons in your phone. Yet digging around under the desk for a charger or outlet is a major annoyance. By purchasing a set if chargers for work and keeping them where you can use them easily (not under the desk), you can access your information readily without worrying about running out of power. Having your devices where you can access them puts information at your fingertips, and gives you a productivity boost


Most desks come with the standard drawers, but seldom is that enough to really keep things organized. Some people prefer trays to put things in, or file sorters, or an expandable pouch for files. I have a box that allows me to keep a few files on my desk.

You also want to be able to get to the office supplies you need without having to dig in drawer every time – or have office supplies getting in your way. Small boxes, cups and trays can help. with this.

Having what you need readily at hand keeps you moving in the flow and boosts productivity.

Hacking your work area can make you much more productive. By fixing lighting, temperature, charging and organizational issues, you will have less annoyance and get more done!

Photo by TheChanel