5 Ways To Save Effort With Shaving Cream

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It’s no surprise to anyone who has read this blog for any length of time that I consider housework a necessary evil. It needs to be done regularly so that I don’t have to deal with bigger messes, but it takes time away from the stuff I really want to be doing.

I thought I would share how I use good ol’ shaving cream to make things faster.

1. Defogger

If foggy mirrors are a problem, rubbing shaving cream on a clean mirror then polishing it off will keep the mirror from fogging. The time saver for me: if my husband isn’t smearing dirt stuff around the mirror in an effort to get it clear, the less I have to clean off.

2. Soap Scum Remover/Preventer

My shower is the bane of my existence. Drop in-shower module with sliding glass doors. That thing picks up soap scum everywhere, and it is a PITA to clean.

By smearing shaving cream on the smooth areas and polishing it off, the soap scum doesn’t stick. This process needs to be repeated about every other month, but it’s way better than cleaning with nasty chemicals or rubbing my skin off with Mr. Clean Erasers. It doesn’t seem to work on the floor, though, which is textured, so if anyone has any cleaning tips for that….?

BTW, you can do the same thing using Turtle Car Wax. But shaving cream smells better.

3. Baseball Glove Softener

I know, you’re probably thinking, “How often do you have to soften a baseball glove?” Not often. But having recently acquired my first new one…ever…I was faced with the task. Honestly, I’m not going to sit there and rub oil into it and put it under the mattress. So shaving cream to the rescue!

4. Ring Cleaner

I am hard on my hands, and by extension, my rings. Shaving cream gets everything sparkling clean very quickly! I rub the cream on the metal and it shines right up. This avoids having to stop at the jewelry store at the mall to have everything cleaned.

As a side note, I also use Tom’s Toothpaste and an old toothbrush to clean rings. That cleans the stones up well, but I still prefer shaving cream for polishing the metal.

5. Grout Cleaner

I don’t have much grout in my bathroom, but when it has to be cleaned, that means bleach. Since I’ve already ruined a pair of jeans while doing this task, I wanted a better way to make the bleach “stick” on the vertical. Shaving cream can be applied to hold the bleach solution in place, giving you a faster (and less destructive) method to get the grungies out.

Do you have any tips for odd uses with shaving cream? Share below!

Photo by redjar


  1. Elaine Ness says

    Your Point # 2 –Scum remover? Yes, indeedy, there is some wonderful stuff to take care of the problem and that includes your textured tub floor and much more.

    I have no affiliation with the site I am going to recommend to you but I do so because I know the product they sell works great!

    Toddle on over to http://www.touchoforanges.com and order “Bring It On.” Never have figured out why they chose to name it that but who cares? It is wonderful.

    (It is not intended for marble, plexiglass, acrylic tubs, silver, brass. I am quoting from the label.)

    The consistency is fairly thick so it is very easy to control how much you need to use. Let the product do its work.

    You might have to scrub some on your tub/shower floor but if so, use a pad or rough cloth to get it into the grooves. Not hard labor though.

    Okay, I was ready to submit this comment but then I first decided to clean my tub floor before clicking. (I only have to use B-I-O occasionally. I cleaned about 6″ square and it probably took me 3 minutes to scrub it with a nubby pad. Looking good!!)

    I bought the stuff initially to work on shower door glass. I took on a special cleaning challenge to de-scum the most hopeless looking door ever. A friend who hates cleaning had neglected hers totally. This product took it off like magic. Virtually no scrubbing needed. I followed up with a hot rinse, using her hand-held shower had and it was like new again.

    There is another product they sell to prevent build-up called, “Protect Shield.” I ordered some of that in my last order.

    Watch the video on the site to see how “Bring It On” takes soap scum off glass shower doors. Also works on fiberglass, tile, grout, stainless steel and much more.

    I have ordered other products from the same site and have liked everything I have purchased over the years. I know this sounds like a paid spokesperson talking but I am not. I was so happy to a product that is so effective I have even given it as a gift and it especially fun to give it to professional housecleaners who get as enthused as I am.

    As for # 4 problem of jewelry cleaning: lemon-scented ammonia works well on gold and diamonds, etc. Submerge for a few minutes, rinse, and wear. (Of course, so does commercial jewelry cleaner you can buy.)

    I hope you will post what you think of these tips.

    Elaine Ness

    • LJ Earnest says

      I have not found anything since the discontinued Scrubbing Bubbles wet-and-use sponges with sticky pads (I can’t even remember what it was called!) I will definitely look into this because, honestly, I am tired of putting in so much effort for so little effect on that shower floor. I’m ready to have the whole thing ripped out.

      I’ve heard that ammonia works well on hard gemstones. I’ve always been turned off by the smell (my mother used to wash the walls once a year with a combination of Spic-n-span and ammonia). Lemon-scented might take care of that. I have a commercial jewelry cleaner, but it doesn’t get the soap scum out of my rings, so I will try your suggestion!