9 Ways To Simplify Your Bathroom

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog.

Photo by starmist1

My bathroom and kitchen are my two most complicated rooms in the house. They are also the ones that need to be cleaned most often. I have found that cleaning my bathroom was much easier after I simplified the bathroom, because there was less to clean, and less to clean around. Here are nine ways I simplified…can you add a 10th?

1. Limit the Linens

I went through my closets and left two sets of everything for each person: two towels, washcloths, hand towels. I also limited the bed sheets to two sets per bed. It freed up an amazing amount of space, and made putting things away much easier.

2. Get Rid of Medicines

We all have them lurking in our medicine stashes: expired medicines, or medicines we bought that didn’t work. Get rid of them properly and you will have less to maintain.

3. Limit the Makeup

Sure, it’s nice to have six lipsticks, but I seldom wear it. And some I’ve refused to throw out just because it was really expensive (never mind I couldn’t stand the feel of it). Likewise, how much eye shadow do I need? Getting rid of the makeup freed up a lot of space, and now all my makeup fits into one little plastic basket that can be moved as needed.

4. Use Baskets to Group

I have baskets all over my bathroom. I use them to store things together, like the vanity items, hair appliances and bath supplies. The baskets not only make things look neater, but you are only moving one item to clean around it, and baskets make it easy to retrieve things from closets and cabinets.

5. Color Coordinate for Children

For a household with multiple children, assign a color to each. Their towels, drinking cups, toothbrushes should all match the color. This makes it a bit easier for putting things away – and you will also know who hasn’t been picking up!

6. Purge

Get rid of what you don’t need or use. I was given a set of white (!) towels, and I hung on to them for a long time, but they are not practical in my house, so out they went. Also went the various hair appliances that didn’t work on my hair type, shampoos we had tried and didn’t like, ineffective cleaners and products we no longer used.

7. Use Multi-function Cleaning Products

Wherever possible, use cleaning products in multiple places. I use mainly glass cleaner, shampoo and swiffers in the bathrooms, along with Clorox wipes for disinfecting. The glass cleaner is used on counters, windows, sinks, mirrors, spigots, shower doors, and the vanity cabinets. The shampoo is used to clean the toilet bowl, the shower walls and the bathtub.

8. Agree on Products

If you share a bathroom, see if you can consolidate what everyone uses. Good candidates for this are soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, toothpaste and mouthwash. It may take some compromise, but it will save on space and things to clean.

9. Use Hooks Rather Than Bars

Using hooks instead of bars will allow your towels to dry much faster. This eliminates the need for multiple towel bars, or towels left on the floor because there was no place to hang them.

There’s my quick-and-dirty list. What would be your #10?

Photo by starmist1