A Really Easy Corn On The Cob

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Summer is a great time for corn on the cob. But corn on the cob means shucking, and getting rid of all those little silks that cling everywhere.

My family loves corn on the cob. I do not love shucking. So when my mother sent me this link, I was skeptical. But it does work, because I tried it.

Here is the link to the YouTube video:

To summarize: microwave unshackled ears of corn for four minutes a piece (if you have two ears, the time would be eight minutes, for example). Then take a sharp knife and cut through the bottom of the ears, slicing through the husks and the cob. Then grasp the top of the ear and shake, and the corn will slide out, minus the silk. Of course, protect your hands from the heat of the cooked ears with heat-proof gloves.

I couldn’t perform this as smoothly as on the video, but I was able to make it work. My mother reported being able to perform the action just as in the video.

It is a great way to tackle corn on the cob.

Have you tried this? What were your results? Share below.

Photo by Public Domain Photos


  1. says

    I love you site, so many great ideas! I love the video on shucking corn, will definitely keep that in mind. Your post on how to program your cell phone notifications was so helpful, I was able to shut off some of those facebook notifications!

    • LJ Earnest says

      I am glad! I found that a few notifications popped back up…I have to stay on top of those things!

  2. Kevin Leger says

    We have been doing corn on the cob this way for a few years now! Great time saver and great taste. If we are BBQ’ing, after they are cleaned, rub them with butter, put in heavy duty foil and put on the pit once you pull everything off to get a little smoke and BBQ flavor on them…