A Simple Hack To Keep Hair From Absorbing Chlorine

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Photo by mathrock

My hairdresser told me about this tip the last time I was in getting my hair cut.

We were talking about my going to the beach that afternoon and she told me to take a spray bottle filled with water and get my hair wet before going into the ocean.

“Your hair absorbs liquid,” she explained. “If you give it good liquid to absorb, then it won’t absorb so much of the stuff that is not so good.” She went on to say that this also held for pools, and could prevent hair turning green from the chemicals.

I trust my hairdresser, and I tried the trick. While my hair is not prone to turning green, I did notice it didn’t feel so brittle after the day at the beach as it normally would.

Do you have any hair hacks? Share below.

Photo by mathrock