About LJ Earnest

Hi! My name is LJ Earnest. I am a blogger constantly on the lookout for new ways to be productive and simplify my life. I am a married, working-outside-the-home mother (for every mother is a working mother), with one child. I am a software engineer by day and I am in the midst of retraining for a career switch.

I love great mysteries, good chocolate, and hot coffee.

From Student To Working Parent

I have been fascinated with doing things better for a long time. Since I was a child, my goal was to get through my chores so that I could get back to what I was doing. I also wanted to do them well, because doing them over led to more time away from the fun. These attitudes led naturally into studying productivity.

My fascination with productivity systems started when I was in college, and I bought my first Daytimer. I moved through other systems through the years, including Franklin, 7 Habits, Franklin Covey, the Daytimer Software, Getting Things Done, Do It Tomorrow and Autofocus.

I am also a gadget geek, so I have looked at or used every gadget out there, including Handsprings, Palms, an iPod Touch, and the latest, an iPhone 5.

After I left college and began to juggle a household as well as a job, I began to seek out household productivity systems. My childhood fascination with Hints from Heloise led me through many different household management writers, including The Slob Sisters, Organized Home and Flylady.

Now as a working parent with a house and yard to manage, I apply everything I have learned as well as new things I run across to make my life more productive and simpler.

Simpler = More Productivity = More Time For MY Stuff

My personal philosophy is that the quicker I get through the stuff I have to do, the faster I can move on to the stuff I want to do. Simplifying tasks leads to better productivity, since I have stripped away the fluff that didn’t need to be there. Being productive means I get through tasks efficiently, and in turn means that I don’t have to re-do work. This gets me to where I want to be: having time in my life not only for those important for me, but to pursue my dreams.

Why SimpleProductivityBlog?

I blend things I have learned into a personal system. I recognize we’re all individuals, and I believe that as a result, no one system is going to fit everyone. This cafeteria approach suits me, and gives me the freedom to try new techniques. As a result, my readers get to see the results of what happens – and I do it without hiding sometimes spectacular failures, or wonderful successes.

Contact Me

I would love to hear from you! I’ve simplified my email to the point that my inbox is empty most of the time, and I miss getting emails (ones selling pharmaceuticals don’t count).

Tell me what you like, dislike (constructively, please), ask questions about productivity or anything else.

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A Word About Financial Disclosure

While I do not write this blog to replace my job, I do enter into it to make a small amount money. My goal is to be able to cover the cost of putting forth the blog: hosting, domain registration and materials to review.

To do this, I allow ads on this site, I accept donations directly, and my Amazon links are affiliates, for which I receive a small commission.

Occasionally I am approached to review products or books for the website. I am generally given a copy of the book or product to review, and that is always stated in the review. I do not accept money for reviews, and if I think a product or book stinks, that’s what the review will say.

In the future, there will be links for affiliated products. I do not affiliate with products that I do not use myself. All products I am an affiliate for will be labeled as such.