Accomplist: Simplifying Task Lists on iOS

Photo by Accomplist

There are a lot of good task lists and task management applications out there. Some are simply checklists; others allow you to classify and search; and some, like Accomplist, take it a step further.

Accomplist allows you to add lists to lists, order by sequential or parallel action (think automatic next actions) as well as tag, re-tag and view. Here are some screen shots, because they show the application in action:

This screen shows the inbox. To enter tasks, you just touch the Add New Task and start typing. If you want to add more detail, you double-tap.

The Lists section allows you to enter projects, or multiple-step tasks. You can choose either sequential actions or parallel actions for the lists, and add sub-lists as well.

The organizer lets you see things by date [4] and each task can be tagged to appear on the focus list.


  • Easy, flexible recurring tasks
  • Easy to add tasks, lists and nested lists
  • Colorful, fun interface
  • Easy to filter tasks to custom criteria based on tagging
  • Quickly add things to the focus (target) list with a touch
  • Quickly and easily add lists, tags, and smart tags
  • Backup and restore to Dropbox


  • Only has data entry on iOS device
  • Doesn’t link to other software or import data


I liked what I saw on this software. I will keep watching it in the future, because as soon as they have a desktop data entry, I will be moving my projects from paper into Accomplist!

Software Information

App: Accomplist
Author: Appsolutelee
Price: $1.99


Appsolutelee provided me with a free copy of the software to enable me to write this review.

Photo by Accomplist