Simple Productivity Blog has a growing readership of busy people looking to get more done with less effort, as well as make the most of their free time.

Companies can advertise on for products and services related to the blog. I require a signed contract for one product per ad.


Currently there are three formats for ads on SimpleProductivityBlog:

  1. The top header of every page, at 468×60.
  2. Four spots, 125×125 at the top of the sidebar on every page, above the fold.
  3. One footer ad for the RSS feeds, which also goes out in newsletter form both daily and once a week.


  1. Do you sell link text ads? No.
  2. Why don’t you sell link ads? I would not wish to jeopardize my reader’s trust, and my experience has shown that text link ads will not allow me to disclose them as such at the point of the ad.
  3. Are you sure you won’t sell text links? No text links. Period.
  4. Will you let us pay you to accept a guest posts for advertising? No.
  5. Will you accept a free guest post to advertise our business? No.
  6. I want an ad on your home page only. Is this possible? No. The way the blog is laid out, the same ads appear on all pages.
  7. What are your prices? Contact me for prices.
  8. Is there a discount for longer-run ads? Yes. Three month ads are less expensive per month than single month ads. Six-month ads are less expensive than three months ads.
  9. Are your prices competitive? Yes. I will be happy to provide the necessary information on this to inquiries.
  10. Do you have an advertising agreement? Yes. This is to protect the advertiser as well as me. It will be provided upon inquiry.
  11. I sell tractors (or something else that has nothing to do with productivity or simplicity). Can I advertise? I will tell you up front if your product would not mesh well with my readers and their reasons for reading the blog.
  12. Will you join my ad network? No.
  13. How do you protect the advertiser? I require a contract in order to advertise. This is available on request.

Contact for Buying Space

If you would like to take advantage of the site, please contact
I offer competitive CPM rates as well as discounts for multiple month advertising campaigns.


Updated 04/26/2013