Supercharge Your Google Calendar


Google Calendar is a powerful tool. It allows you to access your calendars from anywhere on the web…and there are many applications that allow you to get the data offline as well.

However, there are some features that make Google Calendar even more powerful, and most people don’t know or take advantage of them. Here are 5 little-used features that can supercharge your Google Calendar.


2015 Customer Appreciation Day

customer appreciation

I couldn’t write this blog without you, my customers. So to celebrate our relationship, I am having a Customer Appreciation Day. 50% Off Everything In The Shop I have been growing the products over in my shop. Productivity Form Sets I released productivity form sets (both in full-page and half-page sizes) this year. These include […]


Customer Appreciation Day Coming….


Just a heads up that the 2015 Customer Appreciation Day will happen Saturday. Stay tuned for massive discounts…and if you receive the newsletter, you will get an exclusive freebie! (If you don’t receive the newsletter, you will still have a chance to sign up for the freebie) Photo by asenat29


Do You Fall For These Time Management Myths?


When I ask people about time management, I get two types of responses. Either people are gung-ho time managers and they struggle with it, or they do no time management at all.

Asking further questions, I was surprised to find that most of the people in these two camps fall for some time management myths.

Here are the common time management myths and what you can do to avoid them.