Plan More Effectively With Batches


We all know about the value of grouping like tasks together. For example, it is just as easy to make four phone calls as one. It is just as easy to file a pile of papers as it is to file one piece. Batching takes advantage of shared set up and clean up times and allows us to get through tasks effectively.

Batching can also work with planning, making it easier to get started on tasks later on.


Help! My Task List Is Overwhelming!


“Help! My to-do list overwhelming! It is too long and I can’t get anything done!”

We’ve all been there. We have a task list that has more tasks than we can ever hope to get done today, this week or possibly even this month – and that’s without all the other stuff that comes at us each day.

So in order to maintain productivity, I have found that I have to trim and organize the list. This is how I do it.