Use A Checklist to Make Invisible Maintenance Tasks Pop


One of the things I struggle with is the home maintenance tasks that are invisible. By this. I mean those things that you need to do to preserve things on and around the home, but don’t necessarily come into your awareness until it is too late.

This article talks about how you can find the information — and schedule — that works for you.


Open Loops 10/03/2014: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along


On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything.

This week I highlight articles on the vaccination debate; choosing a different path from one’s parents; a home-made alternative to cooking spray; making sure your photos aren’t giving away your location; a self-control hack; protecting your PIN; becoming your own life coach; unique ways to use school supplies; finding a good fit; things to remember when you’re stuck; Winnie The Pooh and a happy life; and “in-school” hacks.