Simplifying the Housecleaning Habit


I’ve been struggling with something recently. As much as I love having a neat and clean house, I cannot get myself motivated to actually do it.

When I ran into this problem years ago, Flylady helped me by showing me how to apply method to cleaning. Her overly rigid schedule didn’t work for me, though, and it fell by the wayside. I was OK for a few years working my own system…

…but I got out of the habit.


Open Loops 3/6/2015


On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything. This week I highlight articles on obstacles in your plans; switching purses/bags easily and cheaply; free anti-virus software and how to install it; storage doesn’t get rid of clutter; sunk costs; a good starting guide for a weekly review; and why you should minimize your collection tools.


Get Started With Long-Term Goals Easily


It’s really odd how sometimes you wish for something, and then it falls into your lap. This happened a few weeks ago, I was in the process of transferring my year goals and someday/maybes from ToDoIst into Evernote, and I was thinking that I wish I had a better way to make sure that I was moving forward on these projects, but that I didn’t have a good way to do it.

5 minutes later I received an email, asking me to take a look at the Non-App Calendar, which is a set of planning forms that does exactly what I need.