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I am always on the lookout for new time management pieces to slot into my current system. When Francis Wade emailed me and asked me to read and review Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure: A Business Fable, I thought why not?

The thing that really piqued my curiosity is that this time management book was written as a novel. No dry bundle of lists, no obvious instruction. Who doesn’t love to learn while reading a story? I certainly do love a good book.

Bill’s Story

The premise of the book centers around Bill, a project manager who is not very good at time management. The problem is that his company is looking to do layoffs, and they are looking at the poor performers as the first to go. Bill’s name is on that list.

Bill’s first reaction is to get himself a smart phone. Except that this leads to working all the time, plus things are still getting missed. Perhaps the smart phone isn’t the solution after all?

Bill has a family to support, along with supporting his ailing parents. In a tough economy, he cannot afford to lose his job. His company decides give him a mentor, and even though Bill doesn’t care for the man, he tries very hard to do as he is asked.

Bill’s mentor has a way of doing things that was set forth in a book and several classes. Bill’s mentor insists that this is the best way to do things and will not listen to Bill’s adjustment to the system, insisting that Bill go back to the original system.

After a chance re-assignment to another company whose philosophy differs radically from his employer, he also meets some time management gurus and starts to develop his own system.

The Takeaways

There are a few lessons to be taken away from the book:

  1. Not all systems work for everyone
  2. Throwing technology at bad habits doesn’t solve the underlying problem
  3. People need to start from where they are, rather than starting from scratch
  4. There are key areas to productivity in which you can improve your skills
  5. Your skills in these key areas will differ

I did like the story. I will also tell you that the few moments of thinking that advocating someone go completely by the book was a deal breaker for me…I was SO relieved when this turned out to be the wrong way of doing things! I was rooting for Bill, and I rejoice in his success.

By the end of the book I wanted to know what the key areas consisted of and concrete strategies to improve my score. And the book just ended. Unfortunately, you apparently have to buy the training courses available on the author’s website in order to get this information. See the end of the article for links on the author’s website to get more information.

I felt at the end like I had just spent hours reading an infomercial. To invest that much time into a book and have no takeaways other than the reassurance that not all systems work out of the box for everyone was disappointing. However, with the links provided below, it becomes much more well rounded.

So save yourself the reading time and know that if a system doesn’t work for you, that is fine. It’s not that you are faulty. Know that there are ways that you adjust to make things work for you, and those are OK. And know that your skills can be improved by learning new methodologies to take you from where you are.

If, on the other hand, you absolutely cannot stomach the dryness of most time management books, read this book as starting place.

Book Information

Book: Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure: A Business Fable
Author: Francis Wade
ISBN-13: 978-1482386349

Disclosure: Francis Wade provided me with a free copy of the book enable me to write this review.

Updated 05/06/2013: In response to my review, Francis Wade, the author of Bill’s Imperfect Time Management Adventure, provided the following links for those people wanting more information:

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  1. Thanks for the review LJ:

    I invite everyone to visit my book’s site – – not only because there is something to purchase (which there is) but also because there is a lot that’s there for free… especially the core research and the process I followed to produce the ideas in the book, training, videos etc.

    • LJ Earnest says:

      Francis, I want to take this time to publicly thank you for responding to the points in my review and providing the information that was lacking. I think with the extra links, Bill’s Adventure will prove a great launch pad for a different way of looking at time management.

  2. Thanks LJ – That incorrect link to the library should be