Make Things Easier With Appliance Timers


So many things come with timers these days: coffee makers, televisions, thermostats, and now through wi-fi enabled equipment, anything that plugs in can be set to timer via your phone.

But other items can be used in conjunction with appliance timers to either replace more expensive models with built-in timers, or to add the functionality in to the item. Here are some ways to make life easier with appliance timers.


Using Days Of The Week To Simplify Meals, Cleaning and More


I was interviewed recently and I was asked how I made blogging easier. My response was that for every day I had a theme: Mondays are productivity, Tuesdays Open Loops, etc.

After the interview I realized that I do that for many other areas of my life, and it really boosts my productivity. So I thought I would share how I apply this Day of the Week theme method.