Productivity and Minimal Software


I recently upgraded my home laptop. My old computer was struggling with lack of memory, and attempts to upgrade the memory had failed. Since I am now looking at a clean slate, I have cause to look at the software installed on my old machine, and think about minimal software on my computer, phone and tablet.

Today we’ll take a look at minimal software, what it means for your productivity, and how to get rid of it.


Email Labels Vs. Folders


One of the key strategies to finding things in an email program is to sort them in such a way that you can find them again quickly. One of the impediments to this is email programs that store their information in folders, as opposed to labeling the email. Today we will look at the fundamental differences in between folders and labels when it comes to email.


Inbox Zero Is Not A Myth


One of the productivity buzz words often seen is “Inbox Zero”. This concept is one where everything in your email inbox gets handled appropriately.

Most people I know believe that Inbox Zero is unattainable – a mythic state. Today we will examine what contributes to this belief, as well as how to get to Inbox Zero.