Information In Too Many Places? Simplify!


One of my readers askend me to address the question of what to do when you have information in too many places. She said she had notebooks everywhere, plus all her email accounts, plus sticky notes scribbled on and stuck all over her house and office. She said she lost things constantly, missed appointments, and misplaced valuable notes and information.

So today we will look at having information in too many places.


Boost Your Productivity: Designing A Calendar System


This month we are taking a look at creating systems. We talked about the basics of systems, and the steps in Boost Your Productivity: Understanding Systems. Today we will look at creating a system from scratch. Our first example will be a calendar system. (By necessity of brevity, I am only tackling calendars. Your homework is to expand this to other destinations of information)


Simplifying Systems


Even though we may build systems to help simply what we do by making it repeatable, systems can sometimes become bulky or ineffective when the underlying conditions for the system change. If you change the system in response, this is good. But if you don’t, you can end up doing things that are unnecessary, or support something that has little value.

Today we will look at simplifying systems.


Boost Your Productivity: Understanding Systems


When you are going to do something more than twice, it will save you time and effort in the long run to formulate a system. Systems can help you quickly navigate what needs to be done, help you handle unforseen issues, and give you a shot at consistent results.

Today we will look at the components of building a system. In the following Monday articles we will apply these techniques in a concrete way