Why I Make My Own Planners


One of the questions people ask me when they find out I love productivity is what my tools are. Most expect me to be completely electronic because I am a software engineer. But the truth is, things stick with me longer when I write them down, and I am less likely to overload myself if I write my plan every day.

I don’t, however, use a commercially-produced planner. I make my own. Here is why:


Moving Action Away From Collection


There are systems out there that insist if you touch an item, you have to do it (one-touch methods). There are systems out there that insist if something is going to take less than X minutes, you need to do it right then (2-minute rule).

The idea behind these ideas is to move the action as close to the collection point as possible to minimize what will get lost in the system. Unfortunately, they can actually cause blocks in the process instead of moving things through more smoothly.

Today we will look at why you want to move your action on items closer in time to when you collect them, and how to do this.