The Power of Review


Reviewing isn’t just to keep you on track. Reviewing is also about seeing where you have been so you can appreciate where you have come from. The power of review lies in both looking forward and looking back.

Today we will look at how looking back is essential to your direction.


One Productivity Tool? Or Many?


Somebody asked me recently what I thought of single solution productivity tools. They mentioned a particular software that had a calendar, task list, project list, and contacts, and you could read your email from within the software.

Today we will look at the difference between single- and multi-tool productivity solutions.


Don’t Work From Your Inbox


When people have email lingering in their inboxes, there is generally one reason why. It’s not because they aren’t opening the emails, or because they’re not realizing they have to do something with the email.

It’s because they are trying to work from their inboxes.

This is a really bad idea, and today we will look at why people do it, and what should be done instead.