Review: Timeless You


I was recently contacted to take a look at Dr. Deepak Chopra’s new online course: “Timeless You.” After looking over the course, I decided to look closer, because I think this seminar might be a good fit for those of my readers who are struggling with the effects of chronic stress, including unhealthy and over-eating and lack of exercise. Including myself.


Book Review: Being of Power


Often times a book takes a while to read. It’s like a big delicious dinner, and you have to take a mouthful, swallow and then wait to digest it. To rush though would lose the flavor of the message. Such a book was Being of Power for me. I started reading this book back in June, and I have worked my way through the ideas slowly, turning them over and trying them on.

The book was written by a noted teach of yoga, Baron Baptiste. He takes various aspects of what he teaches to help us move back to being more authentic, more powerful and more right within ourselves.