Make Task Collection Easier


“Out of sight, out of mind” is an old adage that I find holds true, particularly when it comes to the things I need to pull together, organize or simply remember. Yes, I have my task list, but it is the collection of these items that snags me, so often these things don’t make it into the task list.

When I was perusing various teaching organization systems, I saw a picture of something that I knew I could adapt to help make task collection easier.


Boost Productivity In Excel


One of the best ways that you can boost your productivity at the computer is to learn the keyboard shortcuts for some of the most commonly used actions. Instead of grasping the mouse and clicking the Copy button, for example, you could press a couple of keys and get the same results.

Today we are going to look at some of those keyboard shortcuts in Excel.


Get Your Productivity In Order…Backed By Science


It seems like every time I step into a bookstore, the business section has proliferated a few dozen more time management books. Unfortunately, most of these are either re-hashes of old material, or a description of what has worked for the author. Francis Wade has a new book, Perfect Time-Based Productivity, that turns this on its head.