Simplify Outings with Checklists


I was talking to the pet sitter. She was taking care of the pets for our vacation, and wanted to know when she could stop by to pick up the keys. “You’re leaving on Saturday. I could stop by Friday night.” And then she paused. “But you’ll probably be running around frantically getting ready.”

I laughed to myself, and assured her she could stop by with no problem. Why? Because I knew that thanks to my checklists, I would not be frantic…most everything would be ready to go, and I would probably be relaxing and spending time with the pets.


Plan More Effectively With Batches


We all know about the value of grouping like tasks together. For example, it is just as easy to make four phone calls as one. It is just as easy to file a pile of papers as it is to file one piece. Batching takes advantage of shared set up and clean up times and allows us to get through tasks effectively.

Batching can also work with planning, making it easier to get started on tasks later on.


Simplifying Multiple Calendars


Back in the day, it used to suffice to have a single calendar for the family, and everyone’s activities got written in. These days, with interest groups, volunteer commitments, work seminars, sports practices, music lessons and everything else, one calendar is barely sufficient for one person!

Today we will look at how to simplifying multiple calendars to make this a productive tool instead of an appointment sinkhole.


Comfort and Productivity


Anything that distracts you from the task at hand is counter to productivity. Have you ever considered how any discomforts in your environment is negatively affecting your productivity?

Just like an itch that can’t be scratched, a little discomfort can grow in our minds until we completely derail our productivity.

The solution is usually very simple, though. Recognize the problem, and move to a solution. Here are some ways to get back on track for some common discomforts.