Simplifying For Storm Preparation


We got hit with our first major storm of the season in July. Living on the coast, tropical formations pose significant threat. Arthur could have been much worse than it was, hitting land about 2 hours south of us. But luckily, we escaped damage.

Interestingly, I found that hurricane preparation for the outside of the house is now streamlined. We know exactly what needs to be secured where, and I was able to do all of the preparation by myself in about an hour. This does not mean that we have nothing outside, though; we enjoy and use our outdoor space frequently.


Are You Making Housecleaning Difficult?


Three of my friends and neighbors have cleaning services. And from all three, over the last month, I have heard the same thing: “I have to pick everything up becauase the cleaning service is coming tomorrow!” And they go into a frenzy.

I don’t have a cleaning service. It’s not a matter of money, nor of privacy concerns. It is simply a matter that housecleaning isn’t difficult for me. And there is one simple secret:


Simplify Your Decision

Comparison of alarm clocks

Is deciding what to keep and what to toss difficult for you? Do you have trouble trying to decide what to work on? Do you put decisions off until later because you think it will be easier? Later time never arrives and so this is a good way to let things pile up.