Are You Making Housecleaning Difficult?


Three of my friends and neighbors have cleaning services. And from all three, over the last month, I have heard the same thing: “I have to pick everything up becauase the cleaning service is coming tomorrow!” And they go into a frenzy.

I don’t have a cleaning service. It’s not a matter of money, nor of privacy concerns. It is simply a matter that housecleaning isn’t difficult for me. And there is one simple secret:


Simplify Your Decision

Comparison of alarm clocks

Is deciding what to keep and what to toss difficult for you? Do you have trouble trying to decide what to work on? Do you put decisions off until later because you think it will be easier? Later time never arrives and so this is a good way to let things pile up.


Simplify Outings with Checklists


I was talking to the pet sitter. She was taking care of the pets for our vacation, and wanted to know when she could stop by to pick up the keys. “You’re leaving on Saturday. I could stop by Friday night.” And then she paused. “But you’ll probably be running around frantically getting ready.”

I laughed to myself, and assured her she could stop by with no problem. Why? Because I knew that thanks to my checklists, I would not be frantic…most everything would be ready to go, and I would probably be relaxing and spending time with the pets.


Plan More Effectively With Batches


We all know about the value of grouping like tasks together. For example, it is just as easy to make four phone calls as one. It is just as easy to file a pile of papers as it is to file one piece. Batching takes advantage of shared set up and clean up times and allows us to get through tasks effectively.

Batching can also work with planning, making it easier to get started on tasks later on.