One Productivity Tool? Or Many?


Somebody asked me recently what I thought of single solution productivity tools. They mentioned a particular software that had a calendar, task list, project list, and contacts, and you could read your email from within the software.

Today we will look at the difference between single- and multi-tool productivity solutions.


Making Habits Stick


The new year is almost upon us, and many of us will make New Year’s Resolutions.

The sad part is that most of those resolutions won’t stick until the end of the first month. There are many reasons for this, which other people have talked about, but today I want to share with you the two-part attack I use for making habits stick.


Productivity and Minimal Software


I recently upgraded my home laptop. My old computer was struggling with lack of memory, and attempts to upgrade the memory had failed. Since I am now looking at a clean slate, I have cause to look at the software installed on my old machine, and think about minimal software on my computer, phone and tablet.

Today we’ll take a look at minimal software, what it means for your productivity, and how to get rid of it.