Consolidate Files With MultCloud


Sometimes you just need a simple solution. Like when you’re trying to remember in which cloud storage you stashed a particular file. Instead of going through each one, wouldn’t it be great if there was one place you could look that had all of them?

There is. And it’s called Multcloud.


DropTask: A Fun Graphical Task List


Regular task lists have two disadvantages, in my mind. With a plain list of text, it is hard to see groupings and relationships. Also, if the list is long enough, it is very easy to lose sight of things on it.

DropTask is a new application that solves these problems, and throws in added ability to work effectively on projects in teams.


Alarm Clock Roundup


I have issues getting up in the morning. Particularly if it is still dark out. I am also extremely hard to wake up at that time. So naturally, I have tried a lot of alarm clocks.

When I looked a few weeks ago, I realized I had amassed a collection that was quite large. So I thought I would do a roundup post here to share what I have found.


Focus: A Timer To Help Focus


One of my secret weapons for both motivation and procrastination-aversion is the simple timer. By using a timer consistently, I can make sure I get started on projects, as well as stop them.

There is a new iOS app out as a gorgeous alternatives to most timers.