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I am very pleased to announce that Appsolutlee, the makers of Accomplist, are going to give the readers of SimpleProductivityBlog two chances to win copies of the Accomplist software for iOS.

If you wish to enter, please leave a comment on this post with your biggest productivity problem.

The contest will run from 5:30 AM EDT on 17 August 2012, to 5:30 PM EDT 23 August 2012. Two winners will be selected by random number from the comments and notified by email.

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Comments (9)


  1. Chris says:

    Where to start? I’m easily distracted and I don’t prioritize well. I also go through really productive high’s and a them a week or two of laziness. I just can’t seem to sustain it.

  2. Damian says:

    There are many like everyone else but the lack of having a Project that can support Sequential task and Parallel task at the same time. Most projects have a sequential nature to them. You complete the top most task or Next Action and then the task after it becomes the new Next Action. But in many cases a project has a combination of sequential task and parallel task. The ability to have a sequential project but at the same time pick a few task that can be done in any order is a key feature missing by most productivity apps.

    This would allow me to see the Projects Next Actions in my Next Actions list while also seeing the few parallel task as well. When I am making choices on what to do, I really want to see all my options. When a Project has a combination of sequential and parallel task, this is not possible.

    I also think it’s important for only the Projects Next actions to show in the Next list because it’s the only task I can choose to do for that project. So having a parallel task show in the Next list will keep my choices pure and visible at all times.

  3. ERNEST THOMAS says:

    My greatest difficulty seems to be “paying attention to small but important detail. If an item is slotted for less than 30 minutes of my attention I often skip over it to take on the more lenghty task. Of course, when completion time comes for the whole project, the neglected “little” pieces often prevent a satisfactory completion.

  4. Berta says:

    Procrastination is my biggest problem. I wait til the last minute to finish stuff. Or I get distracted & start doing other things that catch my attention

  5. Kari says:

    Prioritizing. I’ve got a long work to-do list and even though I’m working on stuff all day, at the end of the day I am no better off than when I started because the I spent my time working on the little things as aposed to the project that is due TOMORROW.

  6. My biggest productivity problem is to make sure I have access to the right list, at the right time and in the right place!

  7. Grahame Newell says:

    Trying to decide on the correct mix of paper vs electronic and then which software to use to track the work. End up spending a lot of time playing with different apps/packages instead of actually accomplishing the work. But, hey, at least I know what I’m not getting done :-)

  8. Dianne says:

    Getting out of overwhelm and prioritizing seems to be my biggest challenge.

  9. LJ Earnest says:

    The contest is now closed. Winners have been notified by email. Thanks for trying, and thanks to Appsolutlee for giving me this opportunity!