Do You Really Need to Get More Done?

Photo by desi.italy
Earlier this year I was struggling with my schedule. I found myself in survival mode because of a family health crisis, and realized that many of the things I do every day are not essential to keeping life going. I examined my schedule and found that I was doing a lot of things.

However, the productivity web beckoned me back…”Be Even More Productive”…”Get More Done”…”Work Quicker To Have More Time”…We see them everywhere, from newspapers to magazines to radio and television shows. My husband, who steadfastly refuses to use any productivity methods other than lists on sticky notes, was even asking me about them, having heard about 43 Folders and Getting Things Done on the radio. It’s everywhere.

Do We Really Have To Get More Done?

In late February, Lifehacker ran an article, “Do you REALLY need to get yet more things done?“. It stopped me cold. I had been considering this deeply. I felt guilty for taking an evening out to work on a relaxing craft instead of studying, cleaning, or doing something “productive”. Surely that isn’t the way life is supposed to be?

One of my major complaints about the Seven Habits and Getting Things Done is that both systems overwhelmed me. I know that my to-do list will never be empty, but that didn’t stop me from trying. Go to bed at midnight? But I can just get these three more things done, and then I’ll go…

When Is The Time to Say ENOUGH?

Right now I am considering the level of ENOUGH.

How much is the right amount of stuff on my plate? To me, I look at productivity methods as a way of dealing with the things I have to do in the most efficient method so that I can get to the stuff I really want to do. But if I load up the “have-tos” I never get to the “want-tos”. And January showed me how few true “have-tos” there are.

So the question of the day is, WHY are you trying to be more productive?

Photo by desi.italy