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Why Do I Write This Blog?

I write this blog because it helps clarify my thoughts, and it allows me to share my knowledge and hard knocks in areas that I am fascinated by.

I have no employer that pays me to write these articles, and it does take a significant amount of work and time. I do have expenses associated with the blog, like hosting.

Here’s my big dream: eventually I would love to take this blog to the level where I could support myself with my writing. But I’m not there yet. So I spend what time I can crafting this blog, paying for the costs as I can.

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Why The Lucky Cat?

Lucky Cat

I am a cat person. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog, but my cats are much easier for me to understand.

The Japanese lucky cat, shown on every page on my site, is a good luck charm. With his right paw raised, he is inviting wealth into my life.

If you like this blog, or its materials, please consider donating. I appreciate your support!

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