Easy Ways To Clean The Shower

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When my husband took over the housework, I stopped cleaning. Which got me out of a lot of work, but I realized about six months later that he was missing chores. Like cleaning the shower, for one. And by the time I realized it, it had become a big job. Of course, he promised to remember to clean it after I went through the hard work to clean up six months worth of dirt, but here we are six months later, and it is apparent that he hasn’t been cleaning.

Cleaning our shower is hard work. Since Scrubbing Bubbles took the one product that made it easy off the market, I haven’t found anything other than hard work with a Mr. Clean eraser. But I knew there had to be a better way.

Getting To Clean

The Mr. Clean Eraser

The eraser will take the built up soap scum off the walls, and the ground-in dirt off the floor, at the cost of the skin on my hands and a lot of sweat. But it does work, and for small touchups, I think it is great. (plus the eraser cleans up a lot of other messes with not so much effort around the house) This solution is not easy though, requiring lots of physical effort.


With a paste of baking soda and vinegar, and a good old-fashioned scrub brush, you can quickly cut through soap scum. Again, this does require effort, but I find it easier on my skin.

The Winner: Shaving Cream

I knew that shaving cream took soap scum off of shower doors quickly, so in desperation I spread some on the floor of the shower, waited five minutes and attacked it with the scrub brush. I was amazed at how quickly the dirt came up. I had to make a couple of passes with this method, but it was much easier than either the eraser or the baking soda and vinegar.

Keeping It Clean

I am not going to go through that amount of effort again any time soon. And the way to do this is through steady maintenance. The easiest way I have found to keep the walls of the shower clean is to put a splotch of cheap shampoo on a scrubby poof and scrub the walls when I am in there for my shower.

For the floor, I will go in once a week with shaving cream and the poof and give it a good scrubbing. This should be enough to keep the worst of it at bay.

Do you have any easy ways to clean tough shower messes? Please share below.

Photo by stevendepolo



  1. Bravo says

    I use mr. Muscle products, spray and wipe cleaning in most areas, even hard ones like bathroom dirt, oil and rust.

  2. Elaine Ness says

    Clean the shower—a better way? Yes!

    Shoot right over to http://www.touchoforanges.com and check out “Bring It On” which is a strange name for the product, but it sure does the job. (I think there is still a video you can watch.)

    It removes soap scum (and cleans lots of other things too—stainless steel, for example) so effectively and so easily I tell everybody to get some of the stuff. You can read all about it on their website.

    The product goes a long way because the consistency is not runny. You can easily control how much to use.

    Years ago I helped someone get a condo ready for sale. There were two huge showers with clear glass doors that were impossible to get clean. I tried everything. While I was standing inside the shower working away a prospective buyer came to see the place. He was early so he found me scrubbing. He asked me to answer his question: “Do you think anything will get these doors completely clean?” I told him no. He said he did not want to have to replace all that glass so he was going to pass on the condo.

    I have thought of that day many times since, now realizing that had I used “Bring It On” the outcome would have been different. I didn’t know about it then, however. (They also sell a product that can be put on after using the cleaner. Very quick results.)

    By the way, I have bought other products advertised on the site and have found they live up to their claims too.

    I am not affiliated in any way with the company. Too bad, I could make them a mint for them, given my enthusiasm for their products. The owners are also good to talk with by phone.