How I Have A House Ready For Company…In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Photo by Lincolnian (Brian)

Sudden guests used to send me into a panic. I realized this is no longer the case when I answered my husband’s query to bring a co-worker over with calmness. There were very few things I had to do to make the house presentable. Here is what I did:

General Pickup

My daughter and I are the clutter bugs. So out came two baskets: the infamous Saturday basket and another laundry basket. I went quickly from room to room, putting our clutter in the two baskets. My stuff I then put away, and my daughter’s was stashed in the closet until processing on Saturday.

I also did a flat-surface pickup: remotes back in the basket, Wii controllers in the cabinet, papers sorted by person and put in the mail slots.

Wipe The Counters

One of the things I always notice about a kitchen is if the counters are clean. I took a soapy rag and ran quickly over our counters, pushing crumbs, etc on the floor and getting up stuck-on messes.

Dry Mop Kitchen and Entry

I use a home-made cover on my Swiffer mop (see How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock), and quickly run through the non-carpeted surfaces downstairs. This picks up furballs (with three animals in the house, the fur does pile up) and gets all the crumbs and such from my counter wipedown. At this point, I would normally have did a spot cleaning on the floors, for spilled coffee. I didn’t have to do that this time, thanks to a dishwashing accident the night before that liberally doused the floors with water.

Quick-Clean Bathroom

I clean our bathrooms once a week, but a quick run with a disinfecting wipe over the surfaces makes things sparkle. I also changed out the towels, which someone apparently used to mop up mud and then hung backward so the dirt wouldn’t show.

Ready For Company

All these things took less than 15 minutes, and it was the most relaxed drop-in visit I have had in years!

Photo by Lincolnian (Brian)