How To Do A Recession-Proof Holiday

Photo by abstract splotcHesIt’s official, the economy is in recession. That’s what I was told the other day as I chatted with other parents at our local park.

And with recession comes tightening of money. Many people have lost jobs, or are in fear of losing jobs. Some people have not gotten raises they were promised, or have had hours cut back.

However, tightened money does not mean no holidays. Here are some great frugal and simple ideas for gifts:


If you have some sort of crafty skill, you can put it to use. Here are some examples:

  1. Scrapbooking: make calendars or brag books
  2. Knitting: make hats, scarves or doll clothes
  3. Crocheting: make placemats or blankets
  4. Woodworking: simple plaques or items like napkin holders
  5. Cooking: make holiday cookies, jams, jellies, mixes

Just about every skill and hobby can be turned to make inexpensive gifts with a little imagination. There are many sites out on the internet that give ideas and instructions for these types of projects.


Offer services for things that people don’t seem to get around to, or have no aptitude for. Raking leaves, mowing grass, shopping, and organizing closets are great ways to put your skills to use.

Coupon Books

It is a lot of fun to make coupon books for a loved one. Fill it with fun things, like a coupon for home-baked cookies, or a choice of movie (with no complaining), as well as personal services like back rubs. These are always appreciated.

Homemade holidays during an economic slowdown can be a nice alternative to commercial goods. Put your imagination and your thought into it, and your gift will shine brightly!

Photo by abstract splotcHes