How To Switch Out Seasonal Clothes

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It’s that time of the year again. The seasonal switch is happening, calling for different clothes.

I’m lucky that I live in a place that has four seasons, but where the temperature difference between seasons is usually 50 degrees (F). Unlike the frozen tundra where I grew up, where the peak summer high to peak winter low, with wind chill, often spanned 150 degrees (F). But that’s another story, for another time…

So now it is time to do the task: bring out the clothes for the season. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, really. Just a little bit of preparation now and you will make it a snap the next time this happens.

Purge the Clothes

Now is the time to get rid of anything you didn’t wear this past season. Our tastes and bodies change. Look at everything you have worn, and try it on, if necessary. Ask yourself if it is worth storing, or if you are just not interested in it anymore. Put anything that doesn’t fit you (mentally or physically) into a pile to be given to charity.

Also look at your clothes for wear. If something is permanently stained, torn or otherwise ratty, do yourself a favor and get rid of it right now.

Clean and Mend

Make sure your clothes are clean, next. Remove stains, launder and mend as necessary. This will not only save time when you bring these clothes out again, but will also help prevent creepy-crawlies from moving into the clothing during the off-season.

Do this for your off-season shoes as well. Clean off dirt, polish and un-scuff. It is terrible pulling out flip-flops in the spring just to find them coated in mud. Ick.

Store Properly

Once you are ready to pack away the clothing, make sure you do it properly. Many dry-cleaning plastics and paper can transfer undesirable things to your clothing.

Pick bins, clothing bags or acid-free paper to store clothing away. If you are out of space, consider two old tricks for clothing storage: unused suitcases and space bags.

I also throw my out-of-season shoes into a big plastic bin and tuck them away at the back of the closet.

If you choose to leave clothes hanging, put something over them so they do not collect dust, or use a separate clothing rack with plastic covering. Watch out for hanger bumps, though!

Do you have any tricks for preparing and storing out-of-season clothes? Share below.

Photo by Thing Three


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