I Think The Zombie Apocalypse Has Occurred

Photo by jamieanne

It’s popular these days to talk about the zombie apocalypse. People having training sessions, act it out, and discuss it at work.

Zombies are supposed to rise up and walk through the streets, sucking the brains out of anyone they meet.

The scary thing is that I think it has already happened.

I see so many people walking around, not paying attention to where they are going, either mumbling to themselves or transfixed by little screens in front of them. Stop one of them and ask a question, and you are met with a blank gaze.

I also see them on the highway, weaving over the lines, with a little box pressed to their ears, or watching little screens as they operate the cars. They must be undead, to be so concerned about not dying.

So many people are wandering around with that out-of-focus gaze, that I have been left to conclude that the apocalypse has already occurred. What do you think? Is there another explanation for the brain-dead masses that walk the planet?

Photo by jamieanne



  1. says

    You are not wrong – it HAS occurred. My husband and I were at a concert recently, and a young lady in front of us was on her phone the entire time texting/ twitter – ehatever she was doing. The concert was damn good and she appeared to be enjoying the music because she was swaying from side to side, but I conclude she was a zombie because her eyes were glued to the phone screen.