Innovation vs. Standardization

A recent article over at LifeHack got me thinking about Innovation vs. Standardization. The age old debate about routines vs. flexibility. I believe that each has an important part to play in life; without routines one would not be consistent, and without flexibility one would petrify.

Routines And Their Place In My Life

I am a great believer in routines for the, well, routine items in life. There are certain things that need to be done every day in order for me to have a productive day. You can look at it from the basic standpoint: if you don’t eat and are consequently hungry, you will not be able to concentrate on other things well. If you are not dressed, you will not be able to go out of the house.

I have routines, and they are written down. My routines are thought out, not overly burdensome, but the bare minimum I need to set myself up to have a good day. They are written down for those times when I am not thinking coherently (most mornings before coffee). They help me transition from home to work, work to home, afternoon to evening.

“Routines Are Not Straight jackets”

Even though it may sound like my life is governed by routines, they actually free me up. Since I know the basics are handled, I can be creative in my other tasks. As Flylady says, “Routines are not straight jackets.” She’s right.


Routines actually give me more flexibility than I would have otherwise. I know that the household tasks are covered, so if something unexpected comes up, I know I can move the routine task or skip it (because it will come up again). It’s an extension of the “put everything into a trusted system” maxim of Getting Things Done.

Would your life benefit from some routines?