My Favorite Hack/Tip Sites

Fridays are tip days at SimpleProductivity blog.

Photo by zenera

I love tips. I used to read Hints From Heloise books when I was growing up. Now that I’m grown, there is a whole bunch of tip sites out there. Here are my favorites:

  • Tip Nut. This is my go-to site for all sorts of things, from printables, to crafts, to recipes to cleaning tips. It’s the first place I stop if I am looking for something relating to the home.
  • Lifehacker is all over the place as far as tips, but I like the articles when they poll the readers.
  • Stepcase Lifehack. Another life hacking site, this one is not as scattered and doesn’t have the volume of, making it easier to find articles.
  • Crazy Aunt Purl. This is the site of an author whose first book, Drunk, Divorced and Covered In Cat Hair is a hoot. Mostly about knitting and cats, I have also gotten plenty of cooking tips here.
  • Dumb Little Man. This site seems to have a smattering of all sorts of tips, but focused more on personal development.
  • Wise Bread. This site is about money, and making wise use of it. I stop here to find frugal alternatives, recipes and other excellent money advice.

What are your favorite sites? Share below.

Photo by zenera