National Shutdown Day

Originally published on 19 March 2007.

I just ran into an article over at Treehugger about computer and internet addiction not being sustainable. Another link led me to the site for Shutdown Day. The premise behind this is to go for one whole day without your computer.

How many of you experienced panic at the thought?

As someone who has wondered on and off if I am addicted to the computer, I make conscious decisions about whether or not to spend time on the computer away from work.

I even imposed a Sunday ban on using my computer for many months. This is sadly something I have not done recently.

So this Saturday I will go without my computer, cell phone and PDA. To prove to myself that I can. And to give myself a well-deserved technology break.

How many of you will join me?

Update January 2008:
I try very hard to get off technology. After spending all day in front of a computer, I don’t want to fritter away my time doing mindless activities. It was brought home to me on a ski trip over the holidays as I sat, exhausted, playing games of solitaire I wasn’t really interested in.

I am trying to come up with solutions to get off the computer. One tried-and-true method has me using no technology on Sundays. I get off track on that, though, as the projects I want very much to complete are beckoning. Usually they are relegated to the evening hours during the week when I am tired and grumpy; I see the weekends as days to catch up. However, it doesn’t serve a good purpose. I am also toying with the idea of setting up multiple work environments so that I am not distracted. More on this later.