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Tuesdays are Open Loop editions at SimpleProductivity blog.

Photo by Tch0la :)My reading in the past few weeks has turned up some interesting articles:

Over at Stepcase Lifehack, the article “Multi-Tasking Isn’t Always A Bad Idea” fired me up. I disagree that multitasking is good, but as I read through I came across two interesting quotes:

“The best reason to say no to multi-tasking is because it is a crutch. It is a gateway to low-resistance activities that allow us to procrastinate when we should be working on higher-yield activities that require more intensive thought.”


“Multi-tasking does a great job of covering up the fact that we’re doing nothing, and we even fool ourselves with it. But unless you know that at the end of the day your current activities are going to have advanced your project or goals, you’re wasting your time out of fear of tackling those goals.”

. It’s something to consider.

Stepcase Lifehack ran an article on my pet peeve: “Why ‘Just Do It’ Just Doesn’t Do It for You”. The article talks about priming ourselves for action, and how we need to know what we are acting on. Because if we just give into the pressure to get moving on something/anything, we will probably only be productive by accident.

A Lifehacker article, “Information Overload is Filter Failure, Says Shirky” talks about how information overload has been an issue for many years, and how it is actually a “filter failure”. The video is a bit long, but it talks about some of the implications of social media on today’s lifestyle and privacy.

Over at “Big Rocks and Little Rocks” (Black Belt Productivity), a timely (for me) reminder not to let the unimportant stuff pile up.

“I have a lot of little transactions to deal with that come in daily. So if I focus on them first, they tend to consume enough time that I get pinched to get productive work done on the bigger projects. However, those daily transactions cannot be ignored, obviously.”

Photo by Tch0la :)

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