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Photo by spdorseyJanuary is generally the month that I get the urge to purge. I don’t know if it’s because I’m spending more time indoors, or if it is a (over)reaction to the excesses of the holiday season. I refer back to two articles to help with my purging:

Unclutter’s “Tough questions for your things” is my starting place. The bottom half of the list, used for things I already possess, gives me a good frame of reference. Like some of the commenters, I don’t agree #6 should be on the list: giving me an “out” of research puts off the decision that should be made.

The second article, an extension of the first, is Jeri’s “Questions to Help Eliminate Clutter“. She pulls in some other ideas from other sources. I like her inclusion of Peter Walsh’s information questions, which are invaluable when dealing with information clutter, and adds an important aspect: do I love the thing? I believe that if I love something, and am taking care of it properly, even if I am not “using” it, it is not clutter. Some examples of this are treasured toys from my childhood, and family photo albums.

I’ve hit an obstinate streak in myself when it comes to productivity systems, as was shown in my Filing Heresy: One Box Filing article. An article from Stepcase Lifehack, “Toward a New Vision of Productivity, Part 3: The Trouble with GTD” really suits my mood well. GTD has problems, and in my case, major problems. I do maintain a strict firewall of my work GTD system, and my life/non-GTD system, as is stated in #1. I also agree with the no direction. I was getting a lot of stuff done, but it wasn’t necessarily the right stuff. And yes, GTD threw me into an hyper-productive mode that led, eventually, to exhaustion and total non-doing.

I’m glad I’m not the only one.

Photo by spdorsey

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