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Tuesdays are open loop at SimpleProductivity blog.

Photo by alistairhamiltonLifehacker – Beyond Life Hacks: Reusable Solutions to Common Productivity Problems should be required reading for anyone interested in productivity. Everything from how to keep focused, dealing with too much information, getting around procrastination and handling interruptions are covered here.

Dustin Wax, over at “Living a Life of Ends – Stepcase Lifehack says “When we treat the things we do as simply functional steps towards some future ends, function replaces meaning, and we transform our very selves into objects for the satisfaction of some future self.” Life is lived in the present moment, and if we are constantly looking for our rewards at the end of a goal, we miss most of life.

Every Joe ran an article on changing your email sending workflow in “Reversing Your Email Composition“. The process makes a lot of sense. It will get you to think about what you are doing, and help eliminate the “whoops I forgot the attachment” problem.

Who can resist a title like Think Simple Now’s “A Guide for the Overwhelmed“? Sometimes we truly have too much to do. The article gives concrete instructions on how to handle too much to do.

  1. Define what is important.
  2. Cut out the unimportant.
  3. Automate as much as possible.
  4. Delegate as much as possible.
  5. Say NO as much as possible.
  6. Reward yourself.

The article also points out that “Sometimes the feeling of being overwhelmed doesn’t come from the actual tasks and responsibilities we have but from the mental clutter that occupies our minds.“. But how to get past that? That’s where the concrete steps of your own productivity system come into play.

I ran across Pooktre via another website, and I was fascinated by the concept of shaping a tree as it grows in order to provide either furniture or art. Most people plant a tree, then kill it to make it into furniture or art.

In our productivity quest, I wonder if we could manage to shape what we do to provide a result instead of waiting for something to come to maturity before using it?

Photo by alistairhamilton

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