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Tuesdays are open loop at SimpleProductivity blog.

Photo by Shoes on WiresIf life is seeming dull or a never-ending succession of tasks, take a look at ThinkSimpleNow’s “How to Find Beauty in Life“. It’s a good analysis of being present and tips on living in the moment.

WHAKATE has a great article: “The Best of GTD and DIT“. It summarizes both systems and talks about the best of both together.

OrganizeIt asks, “Are You Like Half-A-Job Bob?” You know, a person who never finishes anything. It is pointed out, quite rightly, that “Anything that is incomplete will take up a little bit of your brain, a little bit of your mental energy. ” Tidy away the loose ends to reclaim your brain!

The Lending Club talks about “Work-Life Balance Takes a Hit“. I’ve seen it all over the place…people are not taking the time off they have earned, and employers are cracking down on non-traditional work arrangements. Some of my fellow employees who work remotely are making an effort to be in the office more so that their contributions are noticed. It’s a scary place to be.

Craving Balance wrote up an excerpt in “Quite Possibly the Best Article (and book) on Work-Life Balance Ever” of an article from the Globe And Mail. I couldn’t get to the original article, but this excerpt is very powerful as a guide to making decisions. I suspect that the 10-10-10 rule could be applied to other areas than your career…

Photo by Shoes on Wires

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  1. Lisa Gates says:

    Thanks for the mention! I really love organizeit’s comments too. Same practice goes for dangling relationships, apologies and forgiveness…clears the space for what you really want to focus on.


    • LJ says:

      You have inspired me to think about two other things I have not thought of before — apologies and forgiveness. I did a clearing out of relationships a few years ago, but I believe there are a few more on their way out the door.