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I’ve been preaching it for some time, but Dumb Little Man is confirming that multitasking is dead! (See “The Death of Multitasking and Rebirth of Unitasking”). This article gives five ways to start unitasking (I prefer single-tasking, but I’ll go with the buzzword).

Unclutterer points out to us that “A good night’s sleep improves productivity”. I’m apt to forget this basic building block of productivity; there is so much going on that I forget to make rest a priority.

Leo of ZenHabits is the king of habit change, and he presents the basics in “The Habit Change Cheatsheet: 29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behavior”. Three things jumped out at me from the list: know motivations, write down obstacles and identify triggers. I’ve been trying to make a small habit change, and the things that keep me stuck are rooted in those three.

Leo also has a take on to-do lists in “There’s No Task Easier Than No Task”. “What’s the fastest way to get a task off your to-do list? Just delete it … or don’t put it there in the first place.” I recently went through my project/to do list and asked myself if I was really going to do move forward on the item in the next week. If the answer was no, the project got re-tagged as “someday”. I also purged my someday/maybe list.

WiseBread talks about “Beyond the Slow Cooker: 10 Eco- and Budget-Friendly Household Helpers That Progress Left Behind”. I do most of these things — carpet sweeper and hand blender excepted. (I’m not sure what exactly a hand blender is. Perhaps it is a hand-powered rotary egg beater?) I gave up purchasing Swiffer covers and made some out of leftover yarn. I use my rags to clean. The feather duster does the dusting. My cast iron gets used whenever I can work it in. This article is a reminder that the classics never lose their worth!

Photo by David Paul Ohmer

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