Open Loops 12/15/2009: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

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Tuesdays are open loop at SimpleProductivity blog.

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Dustin Wax has another great article over at Stepcase Lifehack: “Information Pollution Alert! Living with Data Smog”. This is about marketing, with specific examples, and what you can do to fight it.

I’ve been thinking about “right vs. convenient” a lot lately. The Positivity Blog has a great article on “4 Kick-Ass Reasons to Do the Right Thing”.

Who doesn’t want more time during the day? Well, since we all have the same number of hours, there has to be something else. Simple Mom talks about it: energy. (via “How To Find More Time During The Day”)

Small Notebook has an important point when it comes to Organizing: (via “The Lost Rule of Organizing”). Very simple: “Know when to stop.”

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  1. Thanks for passing along, I specifically liked ‘How to find more time during the day’. I’m saying no more often, and surprisingly, nobody has stabbed me yet.

    • LJ says:

      It was scary when I started saying no. I had some people get angry with me, but I realized later that they just weren’t willing to do anything differently. And the anger was their problem, not mine.

      Now I have to work on saying no as a complete sentence. :)