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Tuesdays are open loop at SimpleProductivity blog.

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The graphic on 43 Folder’s “Enough” pulled me up short. It’s a sign that says this: If you are checking email every 5 minutes, you’re checking for email 24,000 times per year. YIKES! I don’t like checking for email that much! It’s made me reconsider email. I’m trying to get to where I check it once per day. How often do you check email?

A cute little article over at Finnegan Begin Again, “Wise Women Friday: Edna Ferber” talks about letting things pile up, and the consequences of doing so. “To the organized go the mini quiches and sparkling conversations. To the distracted go the Milkbones.”

The Positivity Blog’s“6 Questions That Can Help You to Make 2010 a Simpler and Lighter Year” were so impressive that I wrote them out and pasted them to the cover of my task list book. Check them out.

I think I’m allergic to greeting card stores. I make most of my greeting cards at home using, but I often would like to go a step further and put my own stuff onto a card. The Conscious Life has a great list of “Inspirational Quotes about Life that Make Great Greetings for Cards”.

The Conscious Life wrote about “25 Simple and Healthy Habits that Can Change Your Life”. Some are repeats, but a few are ones I haven’t seen on such lists, like flossing and buying yourself a new experience every month.

Photo by Kyknoord

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