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I have three alarm clocks: a sunrise simulator, my iPod Touch, and an alarm clock in the bathroom. Some mornings it takes all three to get me out of bed. Dumb Little Man had an article on alarm clocks at “Wake Up! Five Ridiculous Alarm Clocks”. Scary. Apparently I’m not the only one who has trouble getting up. I didn’t see my favorite one, though — the one that hops off the table and rolls around shrieking so that you have to get out of bed and chase it.

Only one of the tips at Dumb Little Man’s “Ten Essential Time Management Tips” was new to me: the idea of paying myself first. I had heard it, of course, in reference to finances, but time management? It makes sense — put time toward your long term goals, or you will find your time eaten up by things not so important.

Lifehacker had a very to-the-point article in “You Don’t Need to Regularly Reinstall Windows; Here’s Why – Crapware”. I’m very careful what I install on our computers here at home, and I’ve only had to reinstall an operating system once in the last five years. That’s on three computers too. The truth is that junk slows everything down. The article has a great way to combat junk.

The TimesUnion had an article on “5 ways to simplify your life in one week”. The thing that caught my eye about it was the last point: “leave your bag at home.” My briefcase is always filled with stuff to do, and it just stresses me out. Don’t ask my why I haul it around. I just do. And the days that I (gasp) dare to leave the bag at home, things seem just a bit calmer.

HELLO, my name is BLOG! had an article on “13 (more) Things That Don’t Really Exist, No Matter How Many Lies You’ve Been Conditioned to Believe”. Very good points. Must See is a marketing trick. Off The Record reminded me of the results in “Thank You For Smoking.”. Balancing is for ballerinas — go for alignment. But the big one: “Time Doesn’t Exist.” “if people sat down and actually mapped out their energy investments, they’d be astonished at how out of whack their priorities were.” It’s a good thought-provoking read.

I take a very thought-out approach to raising my daughter: few activities, lots of free time, encouraging imaginative play. It was good to see that my instincts were right in line with what kids have said they want. Not that I’m perfect. There are days when I am too absorbed to tuck her in. And the lunch notes stopped when I stopped using paper napkins. It’s time to get back to those things. Check the article out: The Top 10 Things Children Really Want Their Parents To Do With Them – Stepcase Lifehack

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