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Tuesdays are open loop at SimpleProductivity blog.

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LifeDev had an article “Are You Prepared to Lose Control of the Idea?”. It is written from an entrepreneurial slant, but it applies to any type of creative work you may do. Are you prepared to step back and recognize what it could be, unfettered by your own expectations? (It could also apply to people, but that’s a whole ‘nother article).

Another EEWWWWW moment; this one from Lifehacker: “The Snack Sausage as iPhone/Touchscreen Stylus”. I have to wonder how they came up with this. Ick.

Get Organized Now talks about creating time pockets to get things done at “Creating Time Pockets in Your Life”. This is basically setting aside time in your calendar as a commitment to focus on things. I like the term “pocket”.

Freelance Switch takes on productivity at “5 Ways to Manage Distractions for Increased Productivity”. It’s a well-written presentation of tried-and-true concepts.

Zen Habits has a great article on “4 Simple Principles of Getting to Completion”. I need to practice more of all of these, but particularly the first two: keep it simple and practice ‘good enough’.

Photo by kevindooley

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