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Dumb Little Man has a great article on “How to Tame Your To-Do List”. It’s a mix of Zen To Done, Do It Tomorrow and other time management techniques. One thing I liked was the first step: Try Different Mediums. Sometimes that is all I need to snap me out of an I’m-going-to-ignore-my-task-list-today mode.

Web Worker Daily’s article “Mix Up the Workweek by Setting Your Own ’20-Percent Time’” talks about the time some innovative companies give employees to work on pet projects. I don’t happen to work for a company like that, but one of the books I am reading right now does talk about using the time that is mine to work on things I am passionate about. It’s something to consider.

An article aimed at students, Dumb Little Man’s “How to Fit Studying Into Your Life” also applies to other projects you may want to accomplish. I am guilty of waiting for large chunks of time to work on my novel. And guess what? They never happen.

Kids should come with an owner’s manual. Parenting is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do, and the rules change daily. It’s hard to remember to pick my battles, but Simple Mom gives some great guidelines on how to allow choices in “Love and Logic Parenting”. It was a great reminder.

My first look at the concept of Chris Brogan’s anywhen came from “Work-Life Balance: Follow Chris Brogan to Anywhen and Improve Your Work Life Fit” at Authentic Organizations. It boils down to this: It’s not all about real-time. I’m going to have to think on that concept for further exploration here on the blog.

Photo by Spacemanbobby

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  1. We try to take Fridays off to work on side projects, hobbies, catching up with life. It doesn’t always work, but life seems much more balanced when we do take advantage of the opportunity.