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Tuesdays are open loop at SimpleProductivity blog.

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A woman won a baking contest by a creative use of pre-made cookie dough. Some people fussed. But isn’t it smarter to not reinvent the wheel? See the whole thing at The Methodology Blog: “Increase Productivity: Simple and Sweet”

The Simple Dollar talks about investing time to find singular, simple strategies for success: ” finding tactics for success in life and money that actually work is well worth investing quite a bit of time. “What Works?” is not just about investing. It varies by person. Figuring out what works for you is worth the investment of time and energy.

The first point in Dumb Little Man’s “How to Finish What You Start” pulled me up short. It actually talks about not starting: ” Decide Whether it’s Just a Whim ” So many of the things I want to do are really whims and pipe dreams. Why waste the energy of keeping them on my task list, pulling at my energy?

Stepcase Lifehack talks about “Get Organized With 4 Ways To Win The Paper War”. There’s a point here that I like: never start with the paper. It works better to get everything else organized first, and sort of ease into the paper. I know it works for me, but I’ve never quantified it before.

Wisebread’s article on “52 Uses For Rubber Bands” made me laugh. Is “dewobbler” really a word? And I loved the tip about sliced apples!

I have long been drawn to the simplicity and common sense of Taoism. Zen Habits has a great article on “the tao of productivity”.

It’s an interesting exercise from Everyday Simplicty: “NetFlix ROI – How Much Is NetFlix Saving (or Costing) You?”. It’s good if you’re concerned about things, but I decided it was too much analysis. :)

Photo by Patrick Hoesly

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