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Tuesdays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog.

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Opportunity is present everywhere. Last week, after iTunes wiped out my iPod, and my applications did not restore, I could have cursed and cussed. Instead I saw it as an opportunity to do some organization and housecleaning. Leo talks about this at Zen Habit’s “How to find opportunity”.

Like most people, I have a committee in my head that on good days sounds like chattering monkeys, and on bad days beats me into the ground. Pick the Brain has a great article on how to get past those critics at “7 Things Your Inner Critic Needs To Hear You Say (Especially # 3)”.

I couldn’t agree more with Zen Habits’s “When In Doubt Simplify”. I stepped off the holiday crazy the week before Christmas when I found myself about to spend a lot of money on a toy my daughter hadn’t requested (she wanted something else)…and it wasn’t even 7 in the morning. I made it a point to simplify a lot of things over the holidays, and it was good.

Mark Forster has produced many ways to be productive. He starts a review of all his tested systems at “Review of the Systems”.

This guest post over at Zen Habits touched me. It’s how a woman changed her life, moving toward minimalism, after a scary medical diagnosis. From “Lessons from Less”.

I’m still out on the decision for social media. I think Facebook is a time sink, and I wouldn’t really use Twitter at all except that it’s automatic. Rob Conery talks about the math behind shutting off his Twitter at “Twitter, You’re Fired”.

Finally, evidence to back up a productivity trick I have used for years. When I really don’t want to do something, I just “get started”. This could mean pulling the papers out, or opening a file and reading a paragraph. From Write To Done’s “This New Research Helps You To Stop Procrastinating and Start Writing”.

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