Open Loops 7/5/2011: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Tuesdays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog.

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I love these tips on keeping things off the table. In my house, the kitchen table is the repository for all things junky. And I’m one of the offenders! I need to remove meal-related things from the table between meals and get a shredder for the entrance. From Unclutterer’s “Strategies for keeping clutter off your dining table”

Great ways to prevent a common summer problem from Stepcase Lifehack: “Easy, Clever Ways to Prevent Dehydration”

This sounds really yummy. I’ve been trying to stay away from dairy and sugar, and this fits both bills. From Everyday Simplicity’s “Great Non-Dairy, Natural Sweetener Banana Smoothie (Stevia Recipe)”

I don’t know about 20 minutes per day, but I do know that when I spend time thinking about how to do things smarter, productivity soars. From Pick the Brain’s “The DIY Guide to Rock Star Productivity |t”.

Photo bysnigl3t

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  1. says

    Thanks for the mention – hope you enjoy the smoothie recipe!

    FYI, I ran out of almond milk this week, had to use some coconut milk instead (which has a thinner consistency). Tasted great, but needed more frozen banana to get the thickness right….

    thx again, have a great week!

    – Reba at Everyday Simplicity