Open Loops 3/20/2012: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Tuesdays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog.

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  • An interesting article from Nelson Cash about the process of creativity, and the part that persistence pays in it. From “The value of persistence in the creative process”
  • An interesting thought on why people give up on their dreams from Everyday Bright: they don’t celebrate the milestones along the way, and end up discouraged. From “How to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Giving Up”
  • Part of my job is putting out fires. But this article from Day Timer shows that even this can be managed to a certain extent. “5 Easy Ways to Quit Putting Out Fires All Day”
  • An interesting thought from Seth Godin: “The map has been replaced by the compass”. So why are we teaching the map?
  • Day Timer’s article “Today’s Productivity Tip: Keep Your Goals Within Reach” means keep them within reach…literally. Read why at the article.
  • Some great tips on “7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Mood, Right Now” from Pick The Brain. I like the bath gel one – I’m a big fan of Bodycology, which is really inexpensive at stores like Target!
  • Talk about an attention grabber…something you don’t expect to read in a personal development blog…“My first assignment as an FBI undercover agent was to identify a KGB officer…” Read more at Pick The Brain’s “How To Use Questions To Change Your Life”
  • This was an amazing and entertaining talk from psychologist Shawn Achor. Apparently we have the formula for happiness reversed. He may be right… from TED’s “Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work”
  • This seems backwards…saying no to the things you *want* to do. But I can see the point. It isn’t enough to get rid of the stuff you don’t want to do, but also all the other temptations so you can focus on your goals. From Dan Pink’s “How to say No . . . especially to things you want to do”

Photo by jonycunha



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