Open Loops 7/3/2012: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

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Tuesdays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog.

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  • A startup out of USC is trying to make social media more productive. MySocialCloud combines login/password saving, sharing pictures, videos and bookmarks and social bookmarking in one place.
  • A reader sent this site in…A recent study shows that doing good deeds can make you more productive. Join hundreds of people at and receive a weekly email with a good deed to accomplish. You’ll be more productive and help others.
  • I wonder if this would make it possible to make a PB? from Lifehacker’s “Use the Jelly Pocket Method for a Better Drip-Free PB”
  • Yes! Somebody has said it! “Piles are not organizing”. Piles on your desk are just a procrastination. (But I still maintain that one box filing is OK) From Time Management Ninja’s “The Truth About Piles and Your Productivity”
  • This is a great tip – set your browser to open to a blank page. There is less likelihood you will get sucked into something you didn’t intend that way. From Get It Done Guy’s “How a Blank Browser Page Can Boost Productivity”
  • An interesting article from Lifehacker on how to make triggers work for you. I personally feel that removing negative triggers is what decluttering is all about on a certain level; and the end of the article has me thinking that the reasons I don’t work well with context lists is they don’t act as triggers for me. From “Uncover and Manipulate Your Triggers to Optimize Your Work and Life”
  • I love Greek yogurt…but it’s expensive. I can use this method at home to make my own Greek Yogurt from my own homemade yogurt! From “Make Your Own Greek Yogurt with Coffee Filters”

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