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Tuesdays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog.

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  • This is a good point to remember — we rarely HAVE to do anything. It is usually a matter of choice. From Lifehacker’s “If You Don’t Prioritize Your Life, Someone Else Will”
  • “Because even free stuff has a price.” You’re not truly free of clutter until you can pass on the stuff that comes for free. From Small Notebook’s “Clear the Clutter: Free Stuff”
  • There is something to be said for looking at a stressor in context. Most of our stressors are not of the major variety…in fact, most of them result from expectations. Peter Bregman talks about this at “The Best Strategy for Reducing Stress”
  • Stever Robbins has some very shocking statistics regarding reading backlogs…like how to calculate how long it will take to read through the pile. it was eye-opening, and i am looking at the piles of PDFs with new appreciation. From Get It Done Guy’s “Beating Down Your Book Backlog”
  • I find myself drifting into the future quite a bit. it is a struggle to keep my head where my feet are some days. Stever Robbins has some great tips for living in the now, including one I had never seen before – “notice when the future arrives.” From Get It Done Guy’s “How to Stop Living in the Future”
  • We’ve just passed another long weekend in the US, but this applies any time you will be out of the office. The Time Management Ninja has tips on things you should do before a break to make it easier to go back to work. From “10 Tasks to Do Before Leaving on a Break”

Photo by Shoes on Wires


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