Open Loops 6/29/2010: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

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Tuesdays are open loop at SimpleProductivity blog.

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Finally! Someone else admits there is no one-productivity-system-for-everyone. Stepcase Lifehack talks about this, and how to find what works, at “Navigating Productivity Advice: Finding What Actually Works”.

The dangers of being connected 24/7 are spelled out in Stepcase Lifehack’s “Are You Becoming a ‘Productive’ Moron?. Is it really smart of us to be answering emails and texts at all hours of the day? “Corporate productivity will continue to suffer as more employees are given smartphones, and bad habits become defacto operating standards.”

Let’s face it: no job is perfect. But doing is always better than talking. Here are some things to do that will bring results, from Dumb Little Man: “Is Your Job Driving You Nuts? Then Fix It!”

Simple Mom’s “8 Ways to Find Motivation at Home” is aimed at parents who do not work outside the home. But it applies to all parents, particularly the tip about “ending the day”. I know I’ve been guilty of ending my paid workday and then doing stuff around the house until I’m ready to drop into bed exhausted.

Sankofa Song is an unusual blog in its tone and delivery, which I can appreciate. This post struck me as having a fundamental truth to it: “You Are Not Broken”. Too many people don’t ask for any amount of help with the big stuff because they are afraid they are beyond help. Nonsense!

Photo by David Paul Ohmer

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