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Tuesdays are open loop at SimpleProductivity blog.

Photo by MShadesI found an interesting article, “Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide: Productivity Lessons from Basic Math” over at Simpleology. This takes the principles of basic arithmetic and apply them to productivity. It’s definitely an original take on the subject, worth checking out.

Over at CIO, the article “Taking Control of Your Work Life Balance and Gaining Personal Fulfillment” puts an interesting slant on things: the article says that our identities are now tied up in our work and that is why we have trouble with balance. I don’t know if I agree with that, because I have seen that to be the case with most men, even before the Internet. I know personally I am more that what I do, but I have heard few male friends express the sentiment. Anyway, it’s an interesting thought.

Another interesting thought is that vital activities are those that revitalize us. So although they may not be the most “important” by other judging standards, they are crucial for us to recharge our life energy.

Over at Wisebread, the article “4 Reasons Why Green is Good, But Isn’t Always Better”, I originally flagged it for reading because of my interest in green living. But a quote snagged me:

“Since when is it OK to lower our standards for an agenda (no matter how valid that agenda may be)?”

It made me wonder if sometimes we sacrifice our standards of a job well done in the name of the latest productivity system?

The Simple Dollar ran an article on “Fourteen Techniques for Improving Your Work-Life Balance”, but what makes this one different is the “try it” sections at the bottom of each tip. Practical application to some common thoughts.

Photo by MShades

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