Planning for 2013: The End Result Of Planning

Instead of our regularly scheduled program, this week I am going to open my planning sessions for the new year.

Photo by Sean MacEntee

So I’ve looked back, and I’ve looked forward. I’ve written out the dreams, and the ways I can get there.

So what does that mean?

Changes in the Blog

Blog Vacations

I will be taking four vacations. I’ve been writing this blog for years, and I have taken exactly one week off without writing. I used to frantically try to get articles lined up so there would be a constant flow of articles.

Bah. No more.

My blogging vacations are scheduled. During that time, the blog will be silent.

And as scary as that is, it will be good for me.

Guest Post Changes

During the last half of 2012 I fielded hundreds of guest post ideas. At one point I was answering dozens of emails a day. They ranged from people who were considerate enough to actually read the blog and the guest posting page and follow the instructions; to those who obviously didn’t give a d*mn and just wanted their text up. The amount of time reading poor quality posts was piling up. Too many people didn’t care about the blog or the readers: they just wanted the link to advertise something.

Bah. No more.

As of 1 December 2012, I decided to no longer accept unsolicited guest posts.

That means I can ask a fellow blogger whom I believe has something relevant to say to write an article. I expect I will be doing some article exchanges with others. But no more warmed over fluff.

You, as my readers, deserve better.

Fewer Posts

Along with that, I realized I needed to cut back on the posting schedule. I put out 5 articles a week, and have for several years. And while I am a fast writer, it still takes time.

I was scrambling for tips to publish on Fridays, and while guest posts filled the Thursday slot, the weeks where I had to come up with something left me staring at a blank screen.

So I’m cutting down to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, and I’m going to focus on the things that this blog is about: productivity and simplicity. My open loops, where I pass along things from the webs, will move to Friday.

Plans for the Blog

So there are going to be some new things coming out as well.

I want to help people as much as possible. I see too many people struggling with burdensome systems. Or overwhelmed with life. Or frustrated with email. Or with schedules so jam-packed that there is no wiggle room for the curves life throws at all of us.

So I’m going to bring out some courses. I’m not sure what exactly they will cover; but I do know that I am going to aim for the practical.

And I know that not everyone has time to do a course. So there will be options: workbooks that can be done at any time. Courses with material emailed once a week. And maybe some videos (I’m still undecided on that one, because believe it or not, I am very much an introvert!)

All of these things will be aimed at helping people simplify their systems so that they systems serve them instead of the other way around.

Changes at Home

Going hand in hand with this are some changes at home. Shifting things around there will free up time for me to do other things.

My home life is going to have some changes. With my husband working out of town, the majority of things are falling to me. I have to find my rhythm again with the house cleaning and yard work. Two years have gone by with my gardens overrun by weeds and my flowers choked out by creepers. I want my home to be more peaceful, less cluttered, and joyous. And that starts with me.

I will be spending less time at the computer, and more time outside my office. 2012 was lived too much in my head. Life needs to be lived, not thought about.

I will be embarking on some learning as well. I will be learning more about how to make this blog a success. I will be completing 4 e-courses that have been sitting on the shelf. I’ll be taking on some technical learning.

And I will either finish the d*mn quilt or abandon it. 5 years is long enough. :)

So there it is folks, 2013 in a nutshell, laid out over the last five days.

Have you planned? It’s not too late. Take some time over the new year’s holiday and figure out where you’re going.

You won’t regret it.

Photo by Sean MacEntee


My Tools For Success

  • The Personal Incredible Life Planner
  • The Business Incredible Life Planner
  • My NeuYear Calendar (30% off til 12/31/2012 by using discount code “SimpleProductivity”)
  • Gel pens, with a healthy dose of glitter
  • Dry erase markers in fun colors


  1. Raquel says

    Thanks! I wish you the best for 2013.
    Your blog and weekly links are very helpful and make me think and reconsider my day to day.
    Bests regards for you and your family from Spain.

  2. Jorge Blanco says

    It’s great to see that you’ve got it all planned for this year. I have yet to finish my planning. Things have become busy this new year, but I’ll get by. I wish you good luck on finishing your quilt! 😉