Reviewing Insurance

Photo by wonderferret

Our insurance agent retired, and a new man took his place. Soon afterward, we received a call that the new agent wanted to review our policies with us. We put it off for a while, thinking it was all about selling us more insurance. However, we went last Saturday, and made some astounding discoveries:

My husband was the beneficiary on his own life insurance policy. We’re not sure how that happened, but this could have had terrible consequences.

Our homeowners insurance had gone down – but there was a surprise deductible. Our state implemented a new restriction on claims paid for hurricanes, and as a result our cost had gone down…but there was a much bigger deductible for hurricane-caused damage. We adjusted this.

The lesson to all of this is that we need to review our insurance regularly to make sure that mistakes don’t happen that could cost us a bunch in the long run.

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Photo by wonderferret