Schedule A Study Hall For Free Time

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Did you ever have a block of time in school where you didn’t have a class, but you could do essentially what you wished? You might have had this period called study hall, lunch or a free block.

A study hall in school is essentially scheduled unscheduled time.

Scheduled Unscheduled Time?

Scheduled unscheduled time is a period of time that has a start and a finish, but the activities in between are not planned. These nuggets of free time allow us to do as we wish, but with limits.

Why Is Study Hall Time Important?

You may be wondering what study hall has to do with simplicity or productivity. Rightly so.

It’s just that right now, move than ever, I hear people complaining that they don’t have free time. No time to do what they wish to.

So it’s time for a study hall.

Scheduling a Study Hall

You might be saying, “But I don’t have time for that!”

I disagree.

If you have a lunch hour, you have time for a study hall.

If you can get up an hour early, you have time for a study hall.

If you have an hour after everyone else goes to bed, you have time for a study hall.

If you have an hour while you wait for a piano lesson, sports practice, or commute completes, you have time for a study hall.

Just pick a bit of time when your activity is not per-determined, set an alarm for when it is done, and have your study hall. Take the time, and spend it as you wish.

What Will A Study Hall Get You?

Taking this time, scheduling a block of time and doing what you wish within this time will give you a respite from the idea that you don’t have time to do what you want.

You may not have all the free time you want, but you will have some. And if you can manage an hour a day, that is 7 hours a week…which equates to almost a full work day every week of doing what you want.

Have you tried to schedule a study hall? A scheduled unscheduled time? Share below.

Photo by Mikko Luntiala